Activities for Men

  • activities for men

Alongside the Yoga sessions open for all, there are many options open in the area that particularly appeal to men. The Lycian Coast and the ancient natural landscape offer lots for those who love to be active on holidays and experience all the area provides.

What about some of the following?


  • Fishing:
    Go fishing in the morning and make BBQ in the evening... more
  • Visit to the Barber:
    A visit to an experienced Barber in our large town... more
  • Body Rafting: 
    In Goynuk Canyon you can experience a unique excursion... more
  • Boat Tour:
    Travel along the Lycian Coast to wonderful hidden coves... more
  • Running and Jogging:
    Experience the Runner`s High running in the wild instead of the park... more
  • Canoeing:
    During the summer months, from May onwards, you can rent canoes... more
  • Climbing:
    There are many super climbing possibilities in the region for all levels of climb... more
  • Mountain biking:
    If you are a keen biker then this is the place for you... more
  • Paragliding
    Jump from the mountain above Adrasan Bay and glide gently down... more
  • Diving:
    The Mediterranean Sea at Adrasan provides many interesting locations... more
  • Walking:
    The area all around Adrasan offers numerous possibilities for walks for all levels... more

Holidays in Lykia need never be boring, just ask our staff for tips or ideas.

  • Men love Yoga

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