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Everything is possible, including doing nothing – Activities from A-Z

The Lycian Coast and the lovely Adrasan Bay are an all-year round destination with sun and swimming possible from March to December.  The Lycian Way passes right through, as well as the Beydaglari Nature Reserve (Adrasan-Olympos) and are easily accessible. The Mediterranean draws you in with its crystal clear waters, where dolphins and seals frolic, and, with a bit of luck, you may glimpse a giant sea Caretta turtle swimming along. The sea and mountain landscape around Lykia is a natural wonder.  Yoga and meditation are optional for whoever feels like it, there are lots of ways to recharge in this relaxed, glorious, natural environment.  Active Downtime – for active women and of course active men too!

Here is more information on all the possibilities to design your perfect holiday:

  • Fishing:
    In the winter one can fish from October onwards from the beach. Our cook... more
  • Excursions:
    The Lycian coast has a rich history and many ruins to explore... more
  • Boat Tour:
    A boot tour along the coast with amazing views... more 
  • Canoe and paddleboats:
    Canoes and Paddle boats can be rented directly from the beach... more
  • Climbing:
    The Beydağları National Park, in which Adrasan is located, is known for its interesting... more 
  • Jogging and running:
    All levels of jogger can find the ideal route... more
  • Painting with Turgay:
    Throughout the season you can paint and decorate stones... more 
  • Massage:
    Our two professionally-trained masseurs offer a variety... more 
  • Car Rental:
    If you feel like exploring the Lycian coast independently... more
  • Paragliding:
    Glide over the bay and land gently on the strand... more  
  • Cycling:
    Discover the beautiful landscape per bike... more
  • Diving:
    In Adrasan bay there is a German-Turkish PADI diving school... more 
  • Walking:
    The Lycian Way often features in the top 10 most beautiful walking routes... more  

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Active Downtime

Everything is possible, nothing is obligatory.

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In LYKIA you can experienced vegetarian, vegan and a lot of other delicious food.

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