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The hills are calling … rock climbing or “Freeclimbing” has gained immense popularity over the last decade or so, and combines wonderfully with yoga.

It is not just about reaching the summit, often just one rock face is enough. The goal is just to get as high as possible. In contrast to the classic rock climbing, you don’t need to train for weeks beforehand, a few hours practice will do.

We also offer Freeclimbing in Olympos, just 10 km away from Adrasan. 



Olympos is well known amongst the climbing set for its many climbing possibilities, as well as the possibility to practice year-round due to its microclimate. Surrounded by lush vegetation and with all levels of climb available, makes it ideal for all age groups and all levels. Whether to try it out for the first time or to keep your skills and fitness up. 


Our experienced climbing partner in Olympos has an international licence, and guides the groups from the start and is always at your side. He knows the rock faces like the back of his hand and can offer lots of tips and tricks. Our partner speaks very good English, most of the tours are accompanied by his German wife, for any queries for German speakers. 

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The fully tested and inspected equipment is of the best quality. Belts, shoes and helmets are available from another colleague of long standing in Olympos and will be ready along with the other equipment. 


We bring the groups from Lykia to Olympos, where you will meet with our partner and where shoes, belts and helmets are selected. From there you will go to the climbing point of the day. This will be selected in advance by our partner to suit the level of the group.

In small groups of up to 3 participants, one can enjoy a unique experience, that climbers from all around the world rave about, the rock faces here are almost “virgin territory”. 

Price including transfer, equipment and lunch packet:

1 Person:                                      95€

2 People:                                      85€ p.Pers.

3 People:                                      60€ p.Pers.


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