Walking the Lycian Way

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535 kilometres between the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean

The Lycian Way is known as one of the 10 most beautiful walking routes in the world. Beautiful views of the Turquoise Coast and the Taurus Mountains constantly surprise. The ancient camel caravan traders carried their wares along these routes. The mix of ancient culture and exuberant flora and fauna make it very special. And the fact that the Lycian Way runs past the door of Lykia is a real bonus. 

Yoga and Walking – the perfect combination

Combining Yoga and walking brings you into contact with the landscape`s energy, your own energy source, and with other inspiring people. Yoga and walking have so much in common, following your own path, connecting with the beauty of your surroundings, harmonious movement and coming back to yourself.  Walking is the most natural movement for mankind. One`s body is nourished and stretched in all directions.  Feeling free and yet connected within the group. Lykia and its environs allow one to experience all this and more. 

Yoga and Walking Week: 29 March-5 April, 12-19 April, 25 October-1 November, 8-15 November 2020

Experience the power of Lykia and the four different full-day tours, with two different route variations for less experienced walkers, and for the more experienced. One to the eternal flames of the Chimera, one to the most southerly lighthouse in Turkey, one to the ancient royal city of Olympos and one of the most beautiful bays on the coast, the Sazak Bay. More information available here in the LYKIA-Yoga- & Walking week.

For experienced trekkers we recommend our Advanced Yoga and Walking Week, from 26 April-3 May & 18-25 October 2020

Relaxing Walking week 15-22 March and 22-29 November 2020

For those new to walking but reasonably fit we have developed a Walking and Downtime week.  It is similar to our Yoga and Walking week but instead of full-day walks we organize two wonderful easier half-day tours, one to Olympos and one to Cirali, as well as sunset in Karaoz and an excursion to Arikanda; a magnificent ancient settlement in the mountains, is also included. Learn more about it here Relaxing Walking week.

Warm and professional Guides

The Lykia Yoga and Walking Weeks, as well as the Active Downtime Weeks are run by German and English-speaking, trained and experienced walking guides, whose extensive knowledge of the local flora, fauna, history, the land and its people, make each excursion unique. The pleasure they take in sharing that knowledge with all our visitors is a treat for all. And whoever would like to walk under their own steam will be provided with plenty of tips and information for their walks. We have comprehensive maps of the area available.

If you would like to explore further afield with a guide, we can arrange it. You could, for example, scale Mount Olympos and come closer to the ancient gods said to inhabit it. Or the Tahtali that watch over the bay of Adrasan. There are hidden waterfalls deep in the forest to explore, and then end the unique experience by visiting a mountain farm and enjoying the local cuisine.  

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