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29 March-5 April, 12-19 April, 25 October-1 November, 18-25 November 2020

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The Walking Routes

Discover the power of the Lycian Way! Four different routes along the Lycian Way with differing degrees of difficulty, from mid-level to experienced, all offering the opportunity to experience the cultural and natural bounty that Lykia provides: The eternal flames of the Chimera; the ancient kingdom of Olympos; the Musa Dag, the southernmost lighthouse in Turkey, and on to Sazak Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches on the Lycian coast.  On this tour you will also get the chance to see the coastal panorama from a boot that will pick the group up for the return to Adrasan, weather permitting.  We will also offer as an optional extra, an excursion to the ancient city of Arikanda high in the Taurus Mountains, with its panoramic Haman installation, the enormous Agora, as well as the stadium and wonderful amphitheatre. Then we can visit the home of the caretaker of this ancient site for a traditional lunch with his family.  An unforgettable experience.

All routes of the Yoga and Walking Weeks will take place with no minimum participation required.  Alternative routes can be organized with groups of 4 people or more. 

To the eternal flames of the Chimera

Along the Lycian Way  

The flames of the Chimera have been burning for thousands of years, which gave rise to a city based around the cult of the flames, and their mystery still fascinates.  We will walk from the Ulupinar over a small path through the mountain forest and enjoy the spectacular views down to the sea beneath our feet. 

Then we walk down to Cirali, where we will have a traditional Turkish lunch; and then on to Cirali strand for a cooling, relaxing swim after the walk and repast. Always a treat. The famous Caretta sea turtles lay their eggs here in season. 

Along the beach we walk to Olympos, a wonderful antik town at the sea. We have a short stop there. After that we go back to LYKIA. 


  • Length circa 13 km, 1 hour uphill on narrow paths and 2 hours downhill on a narrow path, 1 hour flat on wide paths (circa 400 metres altitude difference).
  • Break for approx. 45 minutes by the eternal flames and the surrounding ruins.
  • Downhill, in parts following a river.
  • Total length with breaks approx. 6 hours.
  • Bathing possible in Cirali.
  • Lunch in Cirali included.
  • Mid-level, good level of fitness recommended. 

Route 2: The ancient city on the Musa Dag summit

Along the Lycian Way 

The challenging day begins with a walk up the Musa Dag, the mountain lying at the left hand side of the bay of Adrasan. At its summit you can find the hidden ruins of an ancient city.

We walk uphill on stony paths, partly through scented pine forest, enjoying the magic of the mountain.  

There are many level parts of this stage and always time to enjoy the wild strawberries which abound here. 

On the summit we will take time to visit the ruins and enjoy the views down to the coast.

Then it is downhill through the beautiful sandalwood forest along a small path to the ancient city of Olympos, there we will be picked up by our driver and brought back to Adrasan. 



  • Length circa 19 km, 3 hours uphill (700 metres altitude), 3 hours downhill.
  • Duration of approximately 7 hours.
  • Start in Lykia, transfer from Olympos back to Adrasan.
  • Short visit to the ruins on the summit.
  • Narrow, stony mountain paths through ancient landscapes.
  • Mostly shaded forest paths.
  • Suitable for mid-level to experienced walkers, good levels of fitness and balance recommended. 


When a gentler version of the walk appeals than take a look at the Adrasan - Olympos route.

Route 3: From Gelidonya Lighthouse to Adrasan

Along the Lycian Way

The Gelidonya lighthouse lies on one of the most beautiful parts of the coast. From early in the morning there are wonderful views of the Mediterranean and five rocky islands lying just off the coast.

From our starting point it is approximately one hour to the viewpoint. 

For the experienced-level variant of the programme it then goes upwards through a rich and luxuriantly forested area. With the sea on one side and the mountains on the other, walking through the coastal flora and the shady pine forest. The tinkling of goat bells and sunbathing lizards accompany us along the way. 


  • Length of approximately 17 km, 4 hours uphill (400 metres altitude difference)
  • Start in Karaoz at the foot of the lighthouse.
  • Approximately 7 hour’s duration with breaks.
  • Wonderful views from the southernmost point of Turkey from the lighthouse at Gelidonya.
  • Constantly changing landscape taking in the coast, the sea and the mountains.
  • Suitable for mid-level to experienced walkers, some parts of the walk are exposed so headgear is essential.
  • Good levels of fitness recommended. 

When a gentler version of the walk appeals than take a look at the Karaoz to Lykia route. 

Route 4: Walking and Boat Tour along the breathtaking coast.

The walk follows a wide path of almost 10 km along the coast, with views over the Mediterranean and the imposing mountains that surround the area.

We start the walk gently for 1.5 hours through forests and fields, with a very varied landscape and wonderful views. 

This is an easy walk that ends in Sazak Bay, one of the loveliest coves, nearly always empty, where we can swim and take a break. Than onto the water and by boat back to Adrasan, a magical way to end the last walking day. 


  • Length ca. 10 km
  • Total walking time of approximately 2.5-3 hours, 1.5 of which are on an easy path with only 200 metres of altitude difference.
  • A dreamy coastal walk with stunning views.
  • Swimming available in Sazak Bay.
  • Return to Adrasan by boot (weather permitting).
  • Lunch on board.
  • Easy walking route. 

Our Guides

The Lykia Walking Weeks are led by trained, English-speaking walking guides, with extensive knowledge of the local area, its flora, fauna and history. They bring each route and area fascinatingly to life. 

Route 2 (Alternative): From Adrasan to Olympos


  • Length of 15 km – (200 metres altitude difference).
  • duration of 3,5 hours with breaks
  • soft uphill and downhill about 1 hour
  • partly sunny, partly among the shades 
  • easy - mid-level

This alternative route is starting with min. 4 participants.

Route 3 (Alternative): From Karaöz to LYKIA



  • Length of 8 km – (300 metres altitude difference).
  • Start in Karaoz at the foot of the lighthouse.
  • Duration of 3.5-4 hours with breaks, beginning with 45 minutes uphill and 45 minutes downhill.
  • Wonderful views from the southernmost point of Turkey from the lighthouse at Gelidonya.
  • The second half is a well-laid forest path, with gentle rise and fall.
  • Mid-level of fitness required for the ascent to the lighthouse. 

This alternative route starts with min. 4 participants.

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