Long term stay in LYKIA

Just get out! Leave everything behind, be in a place with plenty of space, a wide view and relaxed (well-disposed) people. Get out of the city into the peace and freedom of nature.

LYKIA offers all of these. A place where you can leave the lock down behind. Where you can move freely on the large facility, even if restrictions may be, and let your gaze wander over the sea and the mountains.

We would like to open our beautiful place to people who wants to turn their back on the mood at home. Who just want to “get out” for a longer period of time and want to have a good time.

In LYKIA you live in your own 30 square metre bungalow. These are spread over the large garden. If you like, you can even dine on your own terrace.

Those who prefer to be in contact can find this on the large pool terrace with panoramic sea views or in the main building with restaurant and living room area.

The pool beckons in summer and autumn. In the winter months from December to February, a cozy fire in the fireplace warms not only your body and during the day you can enjoy the sun.

Is your head really clear? Yoga and meditation help and are offered at LYKIA. With this, you can learn to come to terms with yourself again.

Adrasan is a small village far from everything, at the southest point of Turkey. The weather is sunny and can be up to 20 degree even in winter. Everyday life here is largely unencumbered by the current corona situation, but with all the necessary infection protection measures.

Serenity is the best way to describe the mentality of the people here. Life runs according to the principle: “Yavaş, yavaş”, which means "slowly, slowly" but also means “taking it easy”, “staying with yourself” and “wait and see, and have a cup of tea”. This does not seem to change the situation - but it does change your own inner attitude. All of these let us deal with the situation differently.

And something else that can be learned from these people here, in whose country and life there have been many changes, including big ones: "It is what it is - so let's get on with life! This attitude can be incredibly liberating for the western mind and help anchor yourself in the joy of life.

long term stay special conditions from 8 weeks stay



  • Accommodation in your own bungalow, with your own bathroom, terrace & air conditioning
  • Spring water, turkish black tea and fresh, seasonal fruit all day
  • Filter coffee included in the morning
  • Roomservice is also possible for meals
  • Use of the entire 10,000 sqm LYKIA site including the spring water pool
  • WIFI in the main building
  • Transfer from/ to Antalya Airport at any time

Price/ week:

  • With breakfast, double room bungalow for 1 person € 400
  • With full board vegetarian/ vegan 1x a week fish or meat, double room bungalow for 1 person 550 €
  • Surcharge, bungalow for single use + 60 €

Additional offers:

  • Soft drinks, juices, smoothies, coffee specialties & alcoholic beverages
  • Massages, yoga & meditation

Prices up from 12 weeks stay on request

US/ Austria citizens require a visa for a stay of up to 90 days which can be received easily online www.evisa.goc.tr. EU, Swiss & GB citizens can stay up to 90 days without a visa. For longer stay, we are happy to help you obtain a visa.

The long term stay at LYKIA is independent of the regular opening times.

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