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  • with a view on itself and on the bay of Adrasan

As happens every season, we have had fascinating guests who have offered their knowhow and skills to Lykia. With their help you can use your stay here, to work on whatever area you would like to focus on. Aside from our Yoga programme, you can also do body and soul harmony work, letting go of old habits and practices. Here you have the peace, space and opportunity to try something new or try something you always wanted to do.  Our healing space supports all such work absolutely.

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  • [Translate to english:] Portrait Maria von Saurma Therapeutin Rosen-Methode

Maria von Saurma from 25 March - 15 April 2018 with the Rose-Methode

  • Heike Behr Life Coach

Heike Behr from 13 May - 27 May 2018 as Life- and Personal Coach



  • Maria von Saurma Rosentherapie

Maria von Saurma from 26 August - 22 September 2018 with the Rose Methode

  • Gasala Mathwig

Dr. Gasala Mathwig from 24 June - 08 July 2018 with Naturopathy and Statics focusing

  • LYKIA Treatments

Andreas Meissner from 22 April - 06 May and 8 - 29 July 2018 as Reiki Master and Coach

  • LYKIA Treatments

Gesa Deichmann from 27 May - 03 June 2018 as Access Consciousness Facilitator



  • LYKIA Treatment

Sohrab Papahn from 03 June - 10 June 2018 with Osteopathy

  • Sebastian Mueller

Sebastian Müller from 10 June - 17 June 2018 with Craniosacral-Therapy



  • Guenseli Selici

Günseli Selici vom 07 October - 14 October 2018 with Yoga therapy

  • LYKIA Treatments

Gesa Deichmann from 21 October - 28 October 2018 as Access Consciousness Facilitator

Dr. Gasala Mathwig & Christian Zech from 11 November - 18 November 2018 with family constellations

  • LYKIA Treatment

Sohrab Papahn from 28 October - 11 November 2018 with Osteopathy

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