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Price and booking requirements for groups 2020

For partial use of maximum 15 rooms:

  • 635 Euro per person and week sharing a double room (DB) with own bathroom, air conditioning/heating, terrace
  • NEW: From March 2020 the LYKIA will have new comfort beds in all rooms! Before buying, we let our guests try out a sleep. Conclusion: for soft sleepers and hard sleepers, belly, side or back sleepers, for short and long sleepers, for every form of sleeper or for those who wants to become in LYKIA - even the princess on the pea. ;-)

    And for the environmental protection of the house:

    Also from March 2020, all double rooms (for single use) will be equipped with new air conditioning / heating systems with energy-saving inverter technology. They are also extremely quiet. In addition, all double rooms (for single use) will be equipped with new lightprooved curtains.

  • 30% of the booked rooms must be occupied as double rooms with full occupancy (2 people), (10 double rooms and 2 single rooms should be as follows: 4 double rooms with 2 people sharing, 6 double rooms with single occupancy, and the 2 single rooms)
  • 120 Euro supplement for single occupancy of double room
  • 60 Euro supplement for single rooms
  • From 10 double bedrooms, 2 single rooms can be booked, from 12 double rooms, 3 single rooms can be booked
  • Seminar leader are free from 10 participants upwards, anyone accompanying them can have a 50% discount sharing the same double room
  • Arrival/departure is always on Sunday, from 15 March - 29 November 2020 (last arrival date)
  • Arrival after 29 November there are also extension of some days possible
  • Seminar room use from Sunday 18.00 -Sunday 11.00 available upon request
  • Children are welcome from the age of 13 upwards
  • The use of both seminar rooms and the outdoor platforms depends on the group’s size. The Lykia Team will endeavour to meet any requirements wherever possible
  • In the case of very cool weather in March/April and October/November it may be necessary to for a seminar group to the other guests to share a yoga room. In this case the two yoga rooms are available

o    from 10:30 – 20:00 o'clock

o    and from 06:00 – 16:00 o'clock

Included for all participants:

  • 7 nights bed, board sharing a double room
  • Vegetarian/ vegan full board
  • Spring water, teas, fresh fruit and pastries available all day, filter coffee mornings and midday
  • Use of the seminar halls
  • Transfer pick up and drop off from Antalya Airport available at 5 time slots on Sundays

Summer times: 29.03.-18.10.2020

  • From the airport: 11:15 / 14:30 / 16:00 / 18:00 / 20:00 
  • From LYKIA: 06:30 / 09:00 / 10:30 / 13:00 / 15:30 

Winter times: 15.03.-22.03.2020 und 25.10.-29.11.2020

  • From the airport: 12:15 / 14:00 / 16:00 / 18:00 / 20:00  
  • From LYKIA: 06:15 / 08:00 / 11:00 / 13:30 / 15:30 

Please note: from landing to terminal exit takes approximately 45-60 minutes!

The pick-up transfer departs a maximum of 15 minutes later than planned. Please make sure to provide mobile phone details for emergencies.

An employee from our transfer partner will wait directly in front of the terminal exit with a Lykia sign in his hand.  If you can`t see anybody, please wait outside the Terminal and he will arrive shortly.  There are 3 terminals in Antalya Airport, all will be visited in turn. The good news – we haven’t missed anybody yet!

For the return journey please allow 4.5 hours from transfer departure before flight departure. This means for a flight departing at 11.00, you need to take the 06.30 transfer from Lykia.

Extraordinary transfer 60 euros per way/from 2 - 5 people 30 euros per person per way and can be booked any time. For the whole group transfer will costs 20 euros per person oneway.

More about our food and drink on offer.

Not included:

Tourism fee:

From March 2020, as in many other Mediterranean countries, a tourism fee will also be raised in Turkey. This is 1% on the net hotel, pension or campsite bill. It must be paid by the guest directly on site. In Lykia, this happens during the final settlement. A receipt for the amount will be issued. Lykia pays the amount directly to the tourism industry. The amount of the fee depends on the program and amounts between 6 € and 9 € week / person.

Please note the following important things to remember

  • At least 3 weeks before travelling finalise the programme details, excursion wishes, practice times and any other help necessary for the participants, with the Lykia Team.
  • Please send the room allocation and the names of the participants, with flight details, latest 3 weeks before arrival.  We will provide a template for the information collection.

Payment / Cancellation policy

  • For a group reservation 300 Euro down payment. This will be subtracted from the final bill.
  • For cancellation of the entire seminar up to 10 weeks in advance of the date only the reservation fee will be forfeited.
  • For cancellation of the entire seminar from 10 weeks before and up to the date of arrival, then along with the 300 Euros, there is a cancellation fee, Lykia Terms and Conditions, plus 20% - 85% cancellation fee.
  • To avoid cancellation fees for the seminar leader, please ask Lykia if the rooms can be used for other programmes, and inform us within 24 hours. If you release the room in time for alternative use, there is no fee. If you wish to hold the room, but it not be used, you are responsible for the costs of the double room with full occupancy. Only un-booked rooms for the specific dates can be guaranteed.

For payment we offer the following two possibilities:

  • Lykia can provide a group invoice to the seminar organiser, for the entire costs of the seminar


  • The participants pay their rooms in cash (we cannot take EC or credit cards) when they arrive in Lykia. If the participants want personalised bills, then we need their details with the flight details 3 weeks before the seminar begins.

Learn more about the Lykia Comfort Factor.

Block booking Lykia with all 33 room

At certain times during the year (good time 29 November - 20 Dec), the entire guest and seminar house can be rented (before or after the season). During the season there are at least 15 double rooms available. By a block booking the Lykia team can tailor the meal times and cuisine to the group’s wishes. (costs may increase depending on cuisine requested). We would appreciate it if you raise this at the time of booking.

55 participants can use our large hall comfortably.

Terms and conditions:

  • 1 seminar leader free of charge, 2nd person sharing the same room free of charge, or assistant in single room 50%.
  • 1,000 Euro deposit for a binding reservation, if outside the season, 500 Euro. This will be subtracted from the final bill.
  • For cancellations up to 16 weeks before the block booking, the deposit will be forfeited.
  • For cancellations the 16 weeks before the block booking than the cancellation policy is as follows:
  • Up to 98 days before travel 30% of the room price with full occupancy
  • From 97 to 84 days before travel 40% of the room price with full occupancy
  • From 83 to 56 days before travel 50% of the room price with full occupancy
  • From 56 to 21 days before travel 60% of the room price with full occupancy
  • From 20 to 6 days before travel 80% of the room price with full occupancy
  • From 5 days before travel 85% of the room price with full occupancy
  • Remaining empty rooms will be charged at 85%
  • Depending on the seminar and requested arrangements over and above the normal offer, Lykia will try to sell the unused rooms so that a minimum cancellation fee is charged. This cannot be guaranteed however. We can only do this by a block booking and when at least 10 rooms are still available for sale. We would need to be informed at least 10 weeks before the booking.

Quick overview of the Lykia Guest and Seminar House:

  • A 10,000 square metre area, with 16 bungalows, set in wonderful gardens below the main house and pool
  • The mountains surround the location and the sea lies below.
  • 24 double rooms, 9 single rooms, all with their own bathrooms and air conditioning/heating as well as a terrace.
  • 1 x 120 sq. metre seminar hall, 1 x 80 sq. metre covered seminar room that can be opened up in the summer months (both rooms can be heated in cooler months).
  • 1 x 35 sq. metre practice platform (under trees, with extra shading and privacy screens available), ideal for small groups of up to 10 or individuals
  • 120 sq. metre wooden terrace with sea views for breakfast in the sunshine or sunbathing.
  • Main house with sofas and open chimney for sitting, eating, drinking and hanging out.
  • 1800 metres away from the sea (flat path), several daily bus transfers.
  • Sleepy bay with small restaurants and cafes.
  • Swimming temperature from April to December.
  • Smoke free house with a large, attractive smoking corner with sofas and blankets.
  • 2 km from Adrasan village, 90 km west of Antalya, 5 x timetabled free transfers available on Sundays.
  • Nina Meissner

Contact and booking over our booking manager for seminars:

Nina Meißner: n.meissner(at)seminarcenter-lykia.de

For programme and excursion details, and participant data, with room allocation and flight plans 3 weeks before arrival date, please direct all correspondence to our organizing team: seminare(at)seminarcenter-lykia.de


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