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Eating and Drinking in Lykia – Turkish Vegetarian Cuisine

In Lykia you can enjoy all the culinary delights of Turkish cuisine, cooked and served by our professional team. The cuisine in Lykia is simply delicious! Refined and fresh tasting, spicy, hot, sweet, eastern influenced, surprising and sometimes all of the former and latter together. The vegetarian full board delights every day with rich buffets.

Our breakfast buffet makes everybody happy: fruit salad, muesli, homemade jams, local delicacies, yoghurt, eggs of every description, cooked to order, Turkish cheeses, olives, cucumbers, tomatoes and freshly squeezed orange juice. And our omlettes are especially popular!

Our in-house bakery and patisserie spoil us with the fresh, homemade breads and pastries, and a wide variety of ever-changing specialities such as Börek, Pogaça, corn bread, and everybody’s favourite, wholegrain loaves.

Every morning: You can prepare a glass of freshly squeezed orange or pomegranate juice, then take in the view of the bay Learn how to open a pomegranate here.

Vegans and patrons with food allergies need only let us know a week before travel of their requirements

Full on or light – freedom of choice

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Even after a full breakfast, one often is hungry again at midday (because of all that fresh air of course) and the lunch is always a pleasure here. At lunch you can have fresh salads, soups, a light hot dish and something sweet. And then the evening awaits us all with a huge buffet, with appetizing starters and warm main dishes and amazing Turkish desserts.

Aside from all of the food on offer, free tea (Cay), fresh well water, hot water, fresh ginger tea, fresh herbs and mint to make your own tea is available all day. Filter coffee is available morning and midday. Other coffees, Turkish, Cappucinos, Turmeric Lattes, smoothies, soft drinks, beer, wine and Raki are all available for local prices at the bar.

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