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The cuisine in Lykia is not only Turkish-Mediterranean and vegetarian, but in large part, also vegan. Our vegan guests never go short on options and the Chef and his team are always coming up with new vegan dishes for everybody to enjoy. Many Turkish delicacies are vegan so it is very easy to please everybody!

Instead of cheese, one can enjoy the delicious hummus or the spicy pepper paste with walnuts. Different varieties of olives, cucumbers and tomatoes make the mouth water. Do try the vegan pancakes with homemade marmalade – made with seasonal fruit freshly stewed. In Lykia we can provide a balanced and health promoting vegan diet with fresh local produce and all homemade.

Something for everybody

There is also always raw food available at every meal, with fresh herbs, salads and bean sprouts. At our grill evening we do lovely grilled vegetables and other delicacies.

A highlight in the week is always when the Chef and his team bake Baklava, Turkey’s number one dessert – and in Lykia, vegan!

If you would like to exclusively eat vegan food for the week, and not just test it out, then just let us know a week before you travel of your requirements. Many thanks! 

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