What our guests often ask – here are our answers.

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What is the weather like in Lykia?

The Lycian Coast has really only two seasons – summer and spring. That means that in our spring, autumn and winter, the sunshine warms us during the day, with cool to cold evenings. In spring and winter there can be heavy rain showers, and normally a maximum of one to two days in duration. Summer in south Turkey is hot. From June to September you need little more than a bikini, trunks and very light clothing. Lykia’s position in a fantastic natural cove surrounded by mountains means there is often a cooling breeze on the terrace, and it cools down at night a little. The sea is swimmable from mid-April to December – the bay is flat and sheltered, it warms up very quickly after the cooler winter months. The tougher among us have even swum in March! The rooms all have air conditioning and heating for comfort throughout all seasons. 

What should I bring with me?

We would recommend a water bottle for our fresh spring water, good shoes with a deep tread, preferably walking shoes, for trekking or walking, a torch, a light beach towel for the summer months, headwear and sufficient sun cream. In winter, a sweater, warm socks and a warm, waterproof jacket. And of course, comfortable clothes for yoga. 

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Are there lots of mosquitos?

There are mosquitos, but fewer than you would expect, thanks to mountain breezes. In the warmer months, we would recommend bringing repellent, so that you can enjoy the river restaurants in peace. The bedrooms in Lykia all have mosquito screens so you can sleep undisturbed. 

How much money do I need and how do I pay?

That really depends.  Our guests have expenses varying from 10 to 300 Euro, depending on how much wine, beer, raki, cappuccinos or ice cream they consume or whether they take advantage of all the free teas and water. As a rule, the optional extra activities are on offer for between 15-45 Euro that are not included, for example a boat tour, a mountain excursion or an extra walk. A massage in Lykia costs between 30 and 95 Euro. If you are interested in our treatments available, don’t forget to budget for them. 

New in 2020:

Tourism fee

From March 2020, as in many other Mediterranean countries, a tourism fee will also be raised in Turkey. This is 1% on the net hotel, pension or campsite bill. It must be paid by the guest directly on site. In Lykia, this happens during the final settlement. A receipt for the amount will be issued. Lykia pays the amount directly to the tourism industry. The amount of the fee depends on the program and amounts between 6 € and 9 € week / person.

Any additional costs, such as an airport transfer, can only be paid for in cash – Euro or Turkish Lira. It is recommended to bring sufficient cash with you, that we can keep in the safe for you.

We exchange Euro in Turkish Lira with the daily exchange rate – and take them back. Or you can take out Lira directly at the airport cash machine just after the first sliding door exiting from the luggage delivery area.

There is a cash machine in Adrasan, but it is not always reliably restocked, the next one is 35 minutes away.  

If you would like to pay in cash for your stay rather than by bank transfer, you can do so on arrival. 

Will the transfer bus wait for me if I am delayed?

When the plane has a 10-15 minute delay, we will of course wait. For longer delays, you can wait for the next transfer time. If needs be we can organise a special transfer from our transport partner. Please make sure to give us your mobile number before travelling.

If you wish to take one of our free airport transfers, please plan for at least 45-60 minutes between landing and exiting the airport. 30 minutes is often not sufficient to allow for transfer from aircraft to terminal, luggage, and passport control. So if the departure time is 11.30 (winter 12.15) is the desired one, then you should be landing at about 10.30 (11.15).

When Europe is on daylight saving times than please take note of our other transfer times here: Transfer times 

Must I bring my own yoga mat?

That is not necessary, we are fully equipped with mats, meditation cushions, blankets, belts, blocks, shoulder stand mats, etc.  

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Is Lykia suitable for children?

Lykia is a quiet, meditative place, that is not really suitable for children. Therefore, we welcome children under the age of 14 only in special circumstances. 

Can I bring my dog?

I am afraid not. Lykia is a large, open area, with its own farm and domestic animals – hens, turtles, our cats Minosch, Jacky, Yesil, Sakal, Pinsel and Kilkoyruk, and everybody’s favourite dog, Hermes, Nina and Isamail’s cocker mongrel. 

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Are there any local souvenirs available?

In our colourful Lila Bazaar under the bay trees, are lovely souvenirs and local crafts available, making it hard to decide what to buy, the handmade ceramics, colourful haman towels, scented soaps, hand painted stones, or a dress for the beach. The Lila Bazaar is open twice week. 

What time is it in Turkey?

Unlike Europe, Turkey does not change the clocks to summer or wintertime since October 2016. Therefore, in the winter months it is 3 hours ahead and 2 hour ahead in summer (to Great Britain). Please take note of the time when landing in the country. 

Which language is spoken in Lykia? 

Fluently German, English and Turkish. From 2018 onwards, all the yoga classes can be taken in English or in German. Meditations, excursions are bilingual. 

Is there any barrier-free accesses in LYKIA?

No, the LYKIA isn't barrier-free.

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