Feeling well and comfortable

  • pool view and from the LYKIA terrace

LYKIA – a very special place

The first impression is of peace, and the feeling of being away from it all. Below lies the sea, the mountains encircle us and provide a feeling of protection and act as a shield, everybody relaxes very quickly here. It is easy, quiet and relaxed. The landscape and the lush vegetation with its scents wafting in the air, the friendly smiles of the staff, the general atmosphere – all combining to make Lykia a place with a very special energy.

  • LYKIA room

The rooms – real comfort

You can sleep so well and deeply here! Only the crowing of the cockerels or the barking of a dog break the silence. You can enjoy the peace and feel comfortable and safe in the rooms. With proper sheets and bedcovers, that are not usual in Turkey. Fresh towels are changed whenever you desire. And, of course, the air conditioning. The bathrooms are cleaned daily and there is always hot water thanks to the solar panels and the central hot water supply with a heat energy exchange pump in spring and winter.

The traditional rugs hanging on the walls remind you that the Lycian Way was a trade route already in ancient times and used by the camel caravans. More on walking the Lycian Way.

NEW in March 2020:

From March 2020 the LYKIA will have new comfort beds in all rooms! Before buying, we let our guests try out a sleep.

Conclusion: for soft sleepers and hard sleepers, belly, side or back sleepers, for short and long sleepers, for every form of sleeper or for those who wants to become in LYKIA - even the princess on the pea. ;-)

And for the environmental protection of the house:

Also from March 2020, all double rooms (for single use) will be equipped with new air conditioning / heating systems with energy-saving inverter technology. They are also extremely quiet.

In addition, all double rooms (for single use) will be equipped with new lightprooved curtains.


Room to sit, chill, eat and laugh

Lykia is not just a peaceful place, it is also a meeting place. When you feel like talking and exchanging thoughts with others, there is always somebody by the pool, or in one of the inviting Kosks, with their colourful cushions or in the main house. The comfortable sofas, the open chimney, the laid back atmosphere make it easy to make contact. For all those who need to make contact with the outside world, there is free wifi in and around the main house as well as a guest pc for sending mails and surfing. The communal breakfast on the large terrace means travelling alone does not mean alone. More on eating and drinking.

  • sit eat and laugh

Room to retreat

Our motto holds true: Everything is possible, nothing is obligatory. Everybody can find their place, in the hammocks, in the stone circle or any of the inviting places dotted around the area. There you can read, paint, write, meditate or just do nothing more than listen to the breeze.  One can contemplate with views over the sea and sky. The pure luxury of being able to do exactly what you feel like, alone or in company. More on our Active Downtime Week.

  • our bungalows

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Active Downtime

Everything is possible, nothing is obligatory.

23 hours Yoga & Meditation-programme.


In LYKIA you can experienced vegetarian, vegan and a lot of other delicious food.

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