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We are often asked about the current situation in Turkey and in Lykia by prospective guests. We appreciate that there is a lot of insecurity about travelling in Turkey in general and we hope with the following information we can put your minds at rest. Or at least provide the relevant information in order to make an informed decision. 

1.) Are any there any European tourists travelling to Turkey still?

Yes. Approximately 80 full to capacity aircraft land every day in Antalya from tour operators all over Europe.

The famous Nobel Prize author, Orphan Pamuk, has written an article about the consequences of tourists staying away.

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2.) Is there corruption in the airport by Turkish officials?

To date we have only had positive experiences by all our guests, from the friendly welcome, and efficient pass control and luggage delivery. Our contacts in the large German travel operators and transfer companies have had no issues with corruption or questionable practices.

3.) Will I be arrested or hassled for criticising the regime?

If you post items on special websites or on social media pages directly criticising the Turkish regime under your own name, then we cannot give a definite answer.  We would assume that most people involved in such activity will not choose Turkey as their holiday destination.

4.) Is there a danger of not being allowed to leave Turkey?

All our guests have travelled happily and safely back home.

The large tour operators have also had no problems of any kind to date.

5.) Is the journey from Antalya Airport to Lykia safe?

Yes. Since the start of 2017 we have been offering 5 free pick up and drop offs (Airport-Adrasan/Adrasan-Airport). This means minimal waiting time at the airport. We have been working with the same transport company and driver for several years now. The road from the airport to Adrasan is a newly-built motorway from Antalya, only taking 20 minutes to exit the city limits. The it is approximately one hour along the lovely coastal road, passing many popular resorts such as Kemer and Belek along the way.

6.) Is there a large police presence?

Yes. Antalya Airport is extremely well policed.  All major traffic routes and junctions are monitored closely, with frequent police controls, as has always been the way in Turkey.  Generally, only the bus driver details are demanded and tourists handled in a friendly and open manner.  

7.) Am I welcome as a foreigner in Turkey?

Yes. Tourists are very welcome in Turkey, as always! 

8.) Will I be whistled at, hassled or jeered?


Our guests experience, as in previous years, the wonderful hospitality of the local people. A friendly hello on the street, or an invitation to tea or a little gift such as an orange or pomegranate, all form part of our guest’s experience. We are often told stories such as these by our guests, and never have we heard of any negative experience.

"Der Spiegel" has occupied itself with this theme more closely and had the following to say:

“There are two main reasons for the German tourist industry to keep its Turkish options open, one is the excellent value for money and the other is the hospitality proffered to all.

The quality of the Turkish hotels is extremely high, and great value according to the TUI-Product Director, Stefan Baumert.  He talks of the best value for money in the Mediterranean. The specialist tour operator, Oger Tours, reckons a holiday in a very good hotel in Turkey is up to 40% cheaper on average than the equivalent in the western Mediterranean.

And then there is the hospitable nature of the Turkish people, that absolutely does not match Erdogan’s anti-European rhetoric. Turkish hoteliers roll out the red carpet, says TUI’s Baumert. Their hospitality always means top reviews from our holiday makers.”

9.) Have there been any cases of problems for German or British tourists?

No. We are not aware of any such cases in the whole Mediterranean area and nor are the large tour operators.

10.) How big is the threat of terrorism in Antalya and Adrasan?

The Department of Foreign Affairs has given not notice of any problems to date. On arrival you are very quickly out of the Antalya area, and Adrasan is a sleepy town in a small bay 100 km away.

11.) How far away is the war in Syria from Antalya / Adrasan? Does it have an effect locally?

The Syrian border is 1,000 km away from Antalya. No effects have been felt here at all.

12.) Is there any danger our plane will be shot at?

All flights worldwide have a certain level of risk.

The routes from Europe to Antalya do not go over the eastern part of the country and nowhere near Syria, rather over Istanbul and Ankara.

13.) Are there guests in LYKIA? Do you have bookings for every week?

Yes. Sometimes the groups have been smaller than in 2015, when we had an average of 45 guests. But the small groups have really enjoyed their time with us and all the extra attention the staff where able to pay them, the peacefulness and the opportunity to get to know the other guests.

14.) Do you run the planned programmes in LYKIA irrespective?

Yes. The programme runs as described. As usual, we tailor the week according to the group’s needs and wishes.  Our guests find the weeks full of possibilities and enriching.

15.) Can I inform myself about the security situation?

Yes. The Department of Foreign affairs will have up to date information on its website. You can ask us any questions you might have and you can also see the reviews and comments from our guests.

Guest reviews visitor book messages Guest book.

16.) Can I cancel my holiday?

Yes. A cancellation that complies with our terms and conditions is always possible.  

Should the Department of Foreign Affairs give a travel warning – not a security notice – for the Turkish Mediterranean coast, you can of course cancel your trip right up to the travel date.

A travel warning is generally given when there is a high risk of natural disaster for example, like the Tsunami, or widespread war, in other words, where there is acute danger or extremely high risk for travellers. For cancellations in this situation there is no time limit.

17.) Is the presidential system already in force?

Yes. And there are elections for the new president on 24 June 2018.

We hope that this information will allow you to travel with peace of mind and to come and see for yourselves.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. 

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