Sustainability at LYKIA

  • clean the beach in Adrasan

In this place, surrounded by nature, you feel that sustainability is not just a trend. Every day brings new things to light that please and inspire. It is immediately noticeable that the team here want to preserve the natural beauty all around and not to do harm. Apart from the ecological standpoint, the social aspect is also very important. Lykia has added to the locality and is embedded in it.

The natural surroundings in Adrasan are precious, the rich variety of flora and fauna – there are no large hotels here and planning laws are tight. In the rich gardens in Lykia there are many different animals that are not just fed, but loved and looked after, including medically – nice to know. 

Environmental measures

  • Water – Lykia has its own well and that is used for the gardens as well as providing, after careful filtering, all the water for the hotel and guests. 

  • Waste water – an organic water treatment area filters the waste water naturally and this water is used for the gardens. 




  • Bio filter plant in LYKIA

  • Energy – The warm water in Lykia is provided by solar power. In the cooler months a heat exchange pump supports the solar supply. Very seldom is electricity required to heat any water.
  • Electricity – practically all the bulbs in Lykia are LED. The only remaining energy saving bulbs will be used until they die and then replaced with LEDs. They will be recycled in Antalya. The bungalows can also be cut off from the mains at night if one wishes to sleep with no current available.
  • Every evening the lights are turned off around the grounds at 23.00, once a week at 21.30 to enjoy the stars and milky way with no light pollution.
  • There are no atomic power stations in Turkey and a lot of power comes from dams.  There are also new solar farms, a few of which are only 100 km away from Lykia.
  • Heating – In winter Lykia is heated mainly with wood, mostly leftovers from forest fires or garden cuttings.
  • Rubbish – Lykia attempts, wherever possible, to reduce levels of waste. Plastic bottles are not used at all. Rubbish is separated and green rubbish composted. Batteries, bulbs and cans are all taken to Antalya for recycling. The hotel also takes part in community environment projects such as the beach cleans that take place regularly.
  • Cleaning materials – only environmentally-friendly products are used and guests are encouraged to reuse towels to minimise washing and be part of the solution. 

  • Hens – the house flock provides great natural parasite control: as well as the delicious free-range eggs!




  • chicken in LYKIA

  • Food – the cuisine is seasonal and, as much as possible, regional. Lykia also takes great pride in wasting as little as possible. Adrasan is situated in the vegetable garden of Turkey; providing us with a rich supply of local produce. Many people with allergies find the cuisine here very helpful. Vegetarian/vegan 6 days a week. The regular Saturday grill is supplied with free range meat and non-endangered local fish.
  • Own produce – the herb garden supplies the tea bar with supplies. Fruit is grown in the gardens and nearby. This means we are able to supply ourselves with some goods.
  • Support of the local infrastructure – Lykia buys locally, employs local people and all the works are carried out by local firms. 

  • Social responsibility – Lykia pays above average wages so that all employees have a liveable wage. Regular breaks and free days are always scheduled and social and pension insurance paid.




  • LYKIA Team

Our staff have at least 10 months` work, as opposed to the average of 5-6 months, some all year round. Break rooms, changing rooms and their own bathrooms are available to all staff. And two meals a day provided. 

Lykia is currently undergoing the process to reach the “Green Star Certificate” level.

This is a government initiative for sustainable “soft” tourism with an internationally recognised compliance code; involving areas such as water protection, electricity supply, supporting the local region, socially responsible employment for employees, etc. The ecological footprint is also part of the Certfication. 

Holidaying is possible without detracting from the land you are travelling in, a very nice thought!

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