Our LYKIA team: active for your Downtime

Turkish hospitality and German service

Lykia is run by a friendly Turkish-German team. Yoga, meditation, excursions, walks and guest services are all in English and German. 

  • chiefs of LYKIA: Ismail und Nina

Gürkan Ismail Güngör & Nina

The couple have been running Lykia since 2010. They have created a little paradise here, that they love to share with all who visit.

As a Turkish-German couple they complement each other and bring the best of both cultures together: Turkish hospitality and serenity with German organisational skills and engagement. 

  • Gürkan Ismail Güngör

Gürkan Ismail

Business Manager & Facility Manager

Ismail started the ball rolling in 2007 and founded what is Lykia today.

He works in the background, keeping things running smoothly and dealing with Turkish beaurocracy – a full time job on its own! He is always available to guests with an open ear and helping hand, as well as a sense of humour and easy-going nature. 

For all our external partners Ismail is the first port of call.

The trained walking-guide loves to run the walking weeks. Ismail loves his Turkish home and wants all guests to discover the wonderful natural environment of the Lycian Coast. As a child growing up at the Black Sea Coast he always heard the refrain “the Lycian Coast is a little piece of heaven” and he found it to be so true.

Ismail brings lots of experience in tourism and many years as a self-employed guide with him. He spent several years in Munich, where he learnt German and what central European travellers value on a holiday. 

  • Nina mit Katze im Lotussitz


Organisation, Yoga & Meditation programme, Team Leader

For Nina, it is especially important that a welcoming and mindful atmosphere permeates throughout, and not just on the yoga mat. She likes to be known as the good soul of Lykia. 

Nina is a trained 'Vinyasa Flow and Alignment'-teacher and has trained with, amongst others, Andrea Kubasch, Jessica Hildebrand, Wilfried Schichl, Bryan Kest and Gerd Mahadev Schmid. She found her own path in yoga, continuously learning with national and international yogis in different yoga practices. She found her passion in Yin yoga and the long, slow and deep technique which she often offers workshops for guests in.

She also expanded her yoga knowledge with the massage teachings of Romi-Kahuna, Bodyworker, a proponent of Lomi-Lomi massage.

Nina has a special way of imparting the joy and inspiration that yoga has given her with all participants in her workshops. There all have the chance to experience deep personal insight.

All her experience in her old life in Germany flow through her work in Lykia. All the organisation and planning as well as the PR lie at her door.


Guest relations

The team that care for our guests are always very special. They are the point of contact for all the questions people have about the area, the food, the excursions and anything else needed to make the experience a comforting, welcoming one. The same goes for our working guests who also take on hospitality duties when here. 

Klaus, Reception

Klaus has worked in Turkey and a lot of different countries allover the world. To travel open its mind. Klaus loves horses, he coached them for many years. Since 8 years he lives in Turkey. He speaks fluent English and German and is omnipresent at Reception for all the small and large questions about Lykia and a great source of information on Turkey and the world :).


  • working in LYKIA

We are also joined throughout the year as yoga leaders, administrators and hospitality by a changing roster of working guests.

  • Erkul

Erkul Özyilmaz

Tourism Expert in LYKIA - Erkul

Erkul coordinates the local Turkish employees and supports Ismail with all the beaurocratic duties as well as the development of Lykia as a „Green Hotel“. He loves the Lycian Coast and his work, with the guests`comfort and wellbeing foremost. 


  • Murat


Murat – Classic Massage

Murat has been Lykia`s main masseuse for the last six years.  He trained for several years in Istanbul and Antalya, which convinced him to do it full time. The ease with which he can tap into guests` needs and requirements make his massages very special.  

We also have a female masseuse available who specialises in Thai massage. 

  • Housekeeping LYKIA


Our Cleaning Fairy Gülsüm keeps the rooms and public areas spotless. If there is anything required in the rooms she is always delighted to help. 

  • LYKIA cooking


The cook is the king of the kitchen, helped by Ercan.

  • LYKIA cooking

Baker and patissiere Bircan is responsible for all our delicious home baked bread and the sinful desserts. All made in Lykia – making mealtimes very special. 

  • Service LYKIA


To provide service and help at mealtimes, Ayben and Murat help out at the bar, and keep an eye on the pool and buffet to make sure there is always enough of everything and all are happy. Also very happy to play a round of chess or have a chat! 

  • technical service

Garden and Technical

Our grounds always look wonderfully cared for and luxuriantly blooming and that is thanks to Tarik and Mehmet Ali  as well as Ayhan.

  • Ayhan Garten

When something doesn`t work they are always on hand to fix and repair or rebuild when necessary.

The hens are also part of our team, acting as organic parasite control!

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