Everything is possible, nothing is obligatory

We offer an open (and adjustable depending on the group`s requirements) programme of approximately 23 hours a week - included in the Active Downtime week. Each day offers the opportunity to decide what you feel like doing. Various meditations; half-hiking tour or depending on the season for example, a silent walk on the strand and a sunset meditation. And 5 x 120 minutes’ mindful yoga gives you the chance to rejuvenate your yoga practice. The yoga classes will be adapted to each participant, allowing all the chance to find their perfect level of engagement and peace.

Yoga and meditations are bilingual (German and English).

  • relax in a hammock and see our Yoga hall

Also included is an excursion in the local region for a delicious Gozleme meal and two evening programmes, eg. Kirtan singing or dancing or Tratak-light meditation. Make contact with oneself and with like-minded souls. The motto in Lykia is: Everything is possible, nothing is obligatory. 

Time to listen to the breeze.

Simply – doing nothing. Chill like the Turkish in the Kosks, the outdoor sitting rooms dotted around the grounds. Everyone loves these oases under the pine trees, reading, painting, writing or just lying enjoying the views and listening to the breeze. Time to find inner peace, a refuelling of the soul. Read reviews from some of our guests. 

  • Travelling alone, but not being alone

Travelling alone, but not being alone.

The Active Downtime week in Lykia is ideal for single travellers as well as couples and groups of friends, all feel comfortable here. Lykia offers a sheltered, safe space to holiday peacefully. Whoever feels like it can go on a discovery tour of themselves, connecting with their own spiritual roots or connecting with nature in the wonderful natural surroundings. Lykia is a place of peace, of connection with oneself and with like-minded souls. In the open and mindful atmosphere all can be as they wish. The Lykia team all speak German and English fluently, making it a home from home.

More about the Lykia comfort factor.

Time to feel nature`s power.

The beautiful, crystal clear sea and the deserted coves are a joy to behold. The power of the sea is very special here. In Adrasan, one can feel the energy and force of nature like few other places. And the protective ring of the Taurus mountains that surround the bay embrace all. The Lycian coast is a region with an incredible cultural history. 5,000 years of history, and historical sites wait to be discovered. More about walking the Lycian Way. 

Time for inspiration and experiences.

Turkey without mass tourism! In Adrasan and the surrounding area, lies an ancient Turkey, the people are wonderfully welcoming and it is a pleasure to explore the region. The colours, scents, the music, the village markets on Sundays in Adrasan, the food in the river restaurants, the boat tours along the coast, the many activities available, from painting to cycling, or climbing or paragliding – there is a really a lot to do here. More about activities in Adrasan. 

  • enjoy the sun

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Active Downtime

Everything is possible, nothing is obligatory.

23 hours Yoga & Meditation-programme.


In LYKIA you can experienced vegetarian, vegan and a lot of other delicious food.

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