travelling alone but not feeling alone

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I feel at home here in LYKIA, because I feel welcomed as a single traveller and amongst friends.  Many other women and men also come here alone. Whoever desires company is welcomed with open arms and the conversation flows by itself. All who travel here have something in common and find connection in their similar interests.

I can retreat in peace when I feel like it.  Sometimes I walk to the beach early in the morning, responding only to the friendly greetings from the farmers tending their orange and grenadine plantations.  I hop on the beach transfer bus at lunchtime and enjoy the friendly banter as we travel up back up towards the guesthouse.  Then spend some time relaxing in a hammock, listening to the sounds of nature all around me, reading and then cooling off in the pool.

In the evenings at the dinner buffet it is always a treat to meet like-minded souls, to laugh together or have a serious and heartfelt conversation.  That is a true holiday for the spirit and soul.

This part of Turkey is a relaxing place to travel as a single woman. I feel safe and sheltered, all the other women I encounter feel the same. 

Maria von Sauma

You come alone, but in Lykia you are not alone. In the uncomplicated, open-hearted atmosphere contact is easily made and friendships built, which feeds the soul. 

  • Maria von Sauma

I will definitely keep in contact with some of the people I have met here. I have heard of other long standing friendships that began here, and I can well believe it. Time spent in Lykia binds us on many levels…

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Travelling alone

Travelling alone but not feeling alone!

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