Time for your own personal downtime – a yoga holiday by the sea

  • Yoga at the terrace and at the sea

Time for yoga – bringing harmony to body and soul

At last I have time for me! It feels like I arrived where I needed to be. Here I can treat my body and myself well. Yoga is a way to connect yourself with your body and your inner universe. This is so important in a hectic world. Starting the day with the sun salute instantly brings stress levels down, stiffness eases and energy begins to flow again. Day by day the Upasan grows – the happiness factor. I am renewed and relaxed. More about the open program, our Active Downtime Week.

Hatha yoga for everybody: 5x per week for 2 hours

The yoga on offer in the open programme of the Active Downtime Week, is arranged so that the yoga sessions can be adapted to our guests` requirements. With the focus on relaxation and a loving, mindful connection to oneself. For many this is more of a challenge than the more advanced yoga positions – five times a week, once a day, a 2-hour flowing, gentle and, above all, mindful yoga is taught. Mornings or afternoons depending on the season.

The leader of the yoga and meditation programme, Nina, trained in Skivananda yoga and is herself a Vinyasa flow and alignment teacher.  She places great emphasis on mindfulness, on letting go and coming back to oneself, as well as the correct body position in the poses, so you can discover a new quality of release and ease. And no yoga session ends without a peaceful relaxation to close.

From 2018 onwards, all the yoga classes can be taken in English or in German. Allowing one to push one`s limits and letting the yoga work its magic. Shavasana never felt so good!

  • warrior 1
    warrior, position 1. designed by Nina

From time to time I take over the house yoga programme in order to offer a different yoga tradition: a nice opportunity to try something new. At Lykia`s heart lies the philosophy of yoga for all, the focus being less on the acrobatic side but rather on coming back to oneself. For those who practice a more physically challenging yoga tradition or want to practice more intensively, we offer a variety of intensive yoga seminars, with German and international teachers, throughout the year. More about the Lykia yoga retreats. 

  • different Yoga asanas and adjustment

Meditation – for beginners too!

The peaceful atmosphere in Lykia, the warmth of the sun and the seascape make it easy, without any previous experience in mediation or yoga to find one`s way in the practices.  The morning meditation or the yoga relaxation phases provide several easy meditation techniques. One soon finds the mantra that works, and how to quieten the spirit. The open-air meditation, with the sound of nature all around is especially relaxing. All is calm. 

  • relaxed with Yoga Nidra

When you feel like it, you can join in with the evening Kirtan singing, after the yoga Nidra, or a walking movement meditation or visualisation – and then slip into bed already profoundly relaxed. 

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