Opening a pomegranate

Who hasn’t purchased a wonderful, juicy red pomegranate, and wanted to tuck in but hasn’t been able to open it? Let us explain:



  • [Translate to english:] Granatäpfel öffnen


Make a circular cut around the top.

  • [Translate to english:] Granatäpfel einschneiden


You will see a white line of the flesh of the fruit, cut along this line too. 

  • [Translate to english:] Granatapfel Mittelstück entfernen


Then carefully pull out the white core of the pomegranate. 

  • [Translate to english:] Granatapfel drehen, Kerne herausklopfen


Then turn the fruit over and tap it with the knife handle until the juicy kernels fall out.


Afiyet olsun! Enjoy!


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